Brand Journalism

Brand Journalism is the first comprehensive, practical guide to this hybrid form of traditional journalism, marketing and public relations.

The book responds to the newly-emerging trend of organisations hiring journalists to create content on their behalf. Buy it here

This textbook takes a direct and practical approach to the subject, showing journalists and journalism students how they can apply their skills to working for a brand, and showing those who work for non-media organisations how their organisation can acquire the skills necessary to become a multimedia publisher.

Areas covered include:

•           Establishing the audience your brand wants to engage with

•           Identifying your organisation’s business goals

•           Developing a brand journalism strategy to help deliver those business goals

•           Measuring the results of your brand journalism strategy

The book also features a wealth of case studies on the subject and offers an invaluable companion website –

Andy Bull has held senior positions at The Times, AOL, The Independent, the Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Express. He has produced brand journalism on behalf of organisations including Amnesty International, HSBC, Harrods, 20th Century Fox and Parlophone. He currently teaches at the London School of Journalism, and is author of Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide (2010).