Walking Charles Dickens’ Kent

Available from Sigma, May 2021

After London, Kent meant more to Charles Dickens than anywhere, and he loved to walk it. 2020 sees the 150th anniversary of Dickens’ death, on 9 June 1870 and, to mark the milestone, my book Walking Charles Dickens’ Kent will feature the last walk he took, along with 16 others.

Dickens wrote: “My walking is of two kinds: one straight on and to a definite goal at a round pace; one objectless, loitering, and finely vagabond.’ In this spirit, the walks here will be a mix of rambling town trails and longer, focused country walks.

Walking Charles Dickens’ Kent is designed as both a practical walker’s companion – with maps, detailed routes, places for refreshment and accommodation – and also as an atmospheric armchair read with a rich range of references to events in Dickens’ life, and passages in his books, that are directly relevant to the walk being undertaken.

The book will be published by Sigma Press in May 2021.