The waters of St Winefride’s Well never waver from an icy 50 degrees farenheight. To plunge in fully clothed can take your breath away. Yet, even on an overcast and cloudy day, the pilgrims are not deterred.

Our Lady of Wedale, Stow, Borders

The traveller in the Scottish Borders has plenty of history to savour. Indeed, the very road bears brown tourism signs that announce: “You’re travelling on the A7 Borders historic route between Carlisle and Edinburgh”.

The Black Virgin of Willesden, north west London

As the Revd David Clues walked down Church Road in Willesden, in the deprived, multicultural London borough of Brent, he could see two men facing up to each other on either side of the four lane carriageway that leads from his 10th century church towards Harlesden.

The Holywell water company, Malvern

When Mike Humm takes an empty bottle, fills it with Holywell Spring Water and sends it trundling along his brand-new conveyor belt to be capped and labelled, he is reviving a tradition that dates back to 1558. 

Well dressing in Derbyshire

In Derby’s Quad arts centre the well dressers are hard at work. Before them is a 2ft by 4ft wooden frame into which a thick layer of moist clay has been smoothed. Onto it a design has been transferred from a pattern and the pin-pricked lines are being set out with pepper corns. Some of the shapes within the lines are being filled in with orange and lime green coloured chips of stone.