Step-by-step guide to creating a news game with Twine

 Making a news game with Twine

Download Twine from here 

Find a comprehensive guide to what you can do with Twine here.

twine help

It contains this explanation of how games on Twine are constructed: “At it’s heart, Twine is a tool for creating hypertext. The difference between hypertext and a linear story, the kind found in books and magazines [and newspapers and news] is that it allows the reader to have some measure of agency. In other words, the reader has some ability over what he or she reads next.”

Building a story game

You create your game by building a series of boxes of information, which contain links.

twine structure

Clicking on one of the links brings the reader to another box of information. So, which links are clicked determines how a reader experiences a story. They are able to navigate around the story and explore the elements that interest them the most.

Where your stories are saved

Twine saves them to your web browser, so be sure to read this explanation of how to find them 

How to create your first story

Of course, first you need an idea, but once you have that, go here to start writing it in game form.

How to choose a story format

Twine has various standard formats, or you can be guided in creating your own. Pick your format here.

Adding images and video

Simple Twines will be text-based, but you can add multimedia to them. Tuition here. 

Twine forum

Loads more help and information here.


An online directory of Twine stories and games

Further reading

Future of Journalism, papers from a conference organised by the BBC’s College of Journalism, includes a paper on video games. Go to page 39 of this pdf 

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