Walk 9: West Malling town stroll

Map: Emily Duong

West Malling is Muggleton in The Pickwick Papers. Well, it’s half the inspiration for the fictional town where the Pickwickians watch a thrilling game of cricket.

Dickens also had Maidstone in mind.

Given that he chose to create a fictional name for the place, we can assume Muggleton is a blend of real places, but it is at West Malling (then called Town Malling) that the model for the cricket ground in Pickwick Papers – and for the cricketers’ inn, the Blue Lion –  are to be found.

This is a gentle town stroll, in contrast to our vigorous country walks, and the Swan, inspiration for The Blue Lion –  plus numerous other pubs and restaurants –  offer great opportunities for lunch. Perhaps come when a cricket match is being played.

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